Sunday, 17 May 2009

Last words

Thank you for joining me on The Long and Winding Road. This is my car. This is my car history. On 17 May 2004 I embarked on a journey in a graffiti covered car from Nottingham to Liverpool. The car was packed with 365 mementoes wrapped in brown paper and string, tagged and logged. The journey lasts until 17 May 2009 when I will drive the car into the River Mersey. The journey started with a letter to my brother. The letter became a parcel. The parcel became a suitcase. The suitcase became a car. This is my car. This is my car history. This is the end of the road.

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Christopher said...

Hi, I saw the car being immeresed without any prior knowledge to what was going on and i have to say it left me and my friends very moved. We talked how we felt like we had walked into a funeral and had intruded on something private even though it was so public. Being there to me was a huge thing about grief and made me think about how i have dealt with it in the past.

It obviously has stuck with me as it caused me to go home and try to find you on the internet. Thank you and good luck.