Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Accidental Festival

Michael Pinchbeck
The Long and Winding Road at The Accidental Festival

Wednesday, 16th May: 3:30pm
Ends 10:30pm | The Carpark at the ICA | 5 minute slots throughout the evening

The Long and Winding Road began on the 17 May 2004 when drive artist Michael Pinchbeck embarked on a journey in a graffiti covered car from Nottingham to Liverpool. The car was packed with 350 mementoes wrapped up in brown paper and string. The mementoes in the car are items that belonged to the artist's brother who died in an accident in Liverpool on 17 May 1998. The car tours to festivals, galleries and garages until 17 May 2008 when the artist will drive the car into the River Mersey.

This piece is free to all Wednesday audiences who have purchased a ticket for another show. The piece lasts 5 Minutes and only one person can see the show at a time. Please sign up in the foyer on the 16th May, or speak to a member of the Accidental Festival Staff. First come first served…..Hurry!