Sunday, 18 May 2008

Running away

The project reached its four year anniversary yesterday. The film was on show at Broadway in Nottingham. The car parked outside. People joined me for a travel sweet. I reflected on how four years ago I was running away after posting the keys to the car through the letterbox of the house where my brother died. As if handing it over to him. And now here I am ten years after he fell. Wondering whether I'm running away or towards him. I am a writer trying to write. I am a performer trying to perform. I am a live artist trying to live art. Sometimes I think people wonder why I am doing this project. I have reached a point where the reason for the journey has become public property. The reaction to the reason varies from person to person, passenger to passenger. One passenger yesterday told me she loved the performance, another passenger spat out her travel sweet. I don't think I'll really know the reason until the end of the road. Like US performance company, Goat Island say - 'We have discovered a performance by making it' I hope I have discovered The Long and Winding Road by driving it. Someone asked me if I would find closure when I drive the car into the River Mersey. I said I won't know until I do. There are now six months left.




Unloading bay


Broadway, Nottingham - 17 May 2008