Saturday, 23 May 2009


The Long and Winding Road was commissioned by Hinterland 2005 and Fierce! 2007. The End of the Road was supported by The Bluecoat and the University of Chester with thanks to British Waterways and Mersey Docks. The artist would like to thank the Steering Committee, all the venues and festivals and everyone who has supported him on The Long and Winding Road. Thank you for joining me on the journey.

Venues: Arnolfini (Bristol) / ARENA Festival (Leicester) / Basement (Brighton) / Hinterland, Broadway and Hatch (Nottingham) / Depot Untapped, the ICA and Sprint 2008 (London) / Ikon Gallery and mac (Birmingham) / The Public (West Bromwich) / X-Trax 2004, Art Car Parade 2007 and Hazard08 (Manchester) / The Bluecoat (Liverpool)

Documentation: Stuart Alexander / Kevin Edwards / Rosie Garton / Dom Henry / Rhiannon Jones / Scott Kelly / Richard Kingdom / Julian Hughes / James Mattison / Ming De Nasty / John Newling / Dave Parkin / Jon Rouston / Ollie Smith / Gareth Taylor / Pete Todd

Invigilation: Rohane Renton (Bristol) / Ollie Smith (Nottingham) / Emily Smallwood and Emily Wilson (Liverpool)

Dramaturg: Rosie Garton

Technical Director: Kevin Edwards

Graphic Design: James Mattison and Mooli

Video: Active Ingredient and Vent Media

Audio: Blissful Virtuous

Illustration: Rikki Marr

Towing: CP Auto Recovery

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